So it seems to be a trend for me, new year, new game. This year brings forth the strategic card game known as Hearthstone. Initially, i thought the game looked terrible, i mean seriously, a card game? Despite these obnoxious 'first impression' thoughts, the game turned out to be quite the stunner. It's a very enthralling game but unlike the other games out there, it's casual. Its very 'chill' and laid-back. It feels like a nice warming coffee table game. The game is mostly strategic but has aspects of luck in it.  

If you're going to give the game a swing, i recommend playing the game with a friend as it can bring a sense of rivalry and competition. There are cards, therefore you have to open packs to get cards. Competing with friends is a very fun aspect of the game, whoever gets the best cards will be able to have a stinging advantage. Once you familiarize yourself with the game, try playing ranked and arena. And search up a 'Zoolock' deck. It is…

Debate Dubai 2014

Lets start off on this flabbergasting note. My team won second place in Debate Dubai 2014.

Here's the story...

Winning second comes off as a massively big surprise to me if i were to read that in the past. For those who don't know, there is a debate competition that is held in Dubai, with multiple schools taking part. It was hosted by the Jumeirah College (JC). My sixth form team in Sharjah English School comprised of me and two of my friends. We were capable debtors without past experience in an actual competition, therefore we weren't expecting the best. In fact, our English teacher just believed it to be a good experience for us. So we gave it a shot.

It was a little intimidating seeing all the schools, especially the big Dubai schools that were there. The sheer amount of people itself put us all off from having any hopes. People from many different ethnic groups were there, which was nice to see. Our first debate was an unprepared one, which meant that we had 45 minut…

The END of Naruto? 5 Weeks left?

Factual Evidence:
It is confirmed from Shonen Jump, the publisher of the number one manga, Naruto, that it will reach its conclusion on November 10th (Monday). November 10th is the day of the manga release in Japan and for subscribers of the Shonen Jump. However, scans on the internet will receive the manga on either November 5th or the 6th. That means that for a majority of us, our beloved manga will reach its end on a Wednesday or Thursday. This confirmation is probably directly verified with Kishimoto too. Therefore it is 100% legitimate. 
Plot Ideas and theories:
I believe that the fight will be very one sided for it to end this quick. Naruto will end up a victor, however Sasuke and Naruto will make amends. Of course this is a generic cliche ending. 
Another possibility is that Naruto TnJs (Talk No Jutsu) Sasuke into turning good. Sure they fight but only for a while. The fight will be more meaningful than full of action. Sasuke will ultimately be swayed by words.
Lastly something …

American West History Essay

The railroads were a very important factor in solving problems faced by homesteaders in the years 1870-90. This was due to a multitude of reasons, categorized as push and pull factors, particularly, the railroads had offered a solution to a majority of problems at the time. Also, the railroads were one of the biggest enabling factors, its benefits seemingly more important than others.
The homesteaders were attracted to moving across the Great Plains and settling in the West. This was due to factors which essentially pushed them away from the East like the migration of people from Europe, shortages in housing, inflation, overpopulation, crime and violence. Rumors of free fertile land, stories of success and the belief in the Manifest Destiny fueled the people to travel West. However as the homesteaders were en-route to the Western frontier they encountered several problems.
The first problem a homesteader would encounter is the journey. The Plains were natural and untainted, the…

CNN iReport: Starting Out

So i've taken the initiative to participate in CNNs iReport Assignments regarding Islam. I made a post there and i thought it would be good idea to give it a share over here. Basically, in the iReport, i have stated my opinions on Islam as a Muslim that is from Malaysia, raised in America and now living in the Emirates. I can't post the actual article here but the link is down below. It would be superbly great if you would give it a read!


Homeland Poem

So i found this poem that i must've made a year or two ago. It's really reminiscing to see how i wrote in the past. Thought i'd share it!
In a great metal bird, of best breed. Ones ear vibrates below, a landlubber. Sounds come to the ear to feed. Blue is Atlantic Ocean, whales fat blubber. Air; Land to sea I’ve travelled with glee.
He could leave now or go later by jet. He left now, the plane went SWOOSH Jet be fast, weather be harsh, risky I bet Moderate, safe to fast, danger I shouldn’t push A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Arrive safely, happy I shine. Meet relatives was more then fine Dancing I am, on cloud nine. This country is truly mine! Leaving I frown in the boat line.
Hark at him his friends tword On boat he won’t forget memories Next year, he’d go by the board. Diving with ocean treasuries. Tis the tale of a mortal one lored From this day he waits bored.

Pendulum Drum and Bass Band

Just a brief history on my music tastes before we take dip in the world that is Pendulum. They say a person will shuffle through several genres of music in their lifetime. I can approve this. When i was a wee-little boy of the age of about 6, i used to enjoy listening to Linkin Park, Greenday, and The Scorpions (Yes, The Scorpions are quite ancient now). Simply categorized, my taste was rock music. Growing up slightly in my pre teen years of around 13, i started developing a taste in Popular music (pop) and Soul like Ke$ha, Ne-Yo, Usher. All these tastes in music still linger with me to this day, i mean, Linkin Park and Greenday were amazing! However, i now breakthrough to my next and presumably my final stage in music taste. I now fall under the category of general electronic music, more specifically i enjoy EDM (Electronic Dance Music), Dubstep (Chillstep, heavy, brutal, etc.) and Drum and Bass.

Pendulum is like the soulmate for my music tastes. This is because it has elements of D…