Friday, July 6, 2012

Summers Arrival

School has come to an end and is reeling in memories of the past school terms. Only recently, it felt as if school had just begun but now it's summer, the long awaited summer. All my previous activities like HorseBack riding, Golf, Tennis, and Piano have come to an erupt stop for the time. But i continue to practice violin and have successfully passed the Grade 4 ABRSM violin exam. Bringing me up a step in my 'career' as a violinist. As of now, I wait for the long awaited and needed trip to Malaysia, my home-country. To keep myself occupied, I have my laptop, violin, and some books to keep me company. Nearly every night, my family and I watch "The Practice," a series on law. This series was deeply influential in my ambition to becoming a lawyer, a civil lawyer to be specific. We have watched seven out of eight of the seasons and ironically, are coming to the end of the series as school has also come to an end.

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